Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to health and well-being by providing an European target of medical care to every patient, both Locals and Tourists, thanks to our last generation devices and skilled Medical Staff.

About Us

European Clinic Maldives is a New Medical Centre, with European Doctors and the latest medical devices, to provide an european standard of medical care for our patients, always respecting people's cultural and personal context. 

Our Clinic is oriented to the highest quality standards through the use of continuous investments, aimed to increase the accuracy and precision in the execution and management of clinics and Doctors’ offices.

Believing in innovation has proven to be a winning choice. Safety in patient data management, traceability of processes and constant analytical quality control guide our staff's daily activities. An  USB password protected card is provided to our patients to save and easily portable medical data storage.

Our next-generation medical devices allow our Staff to meet the patient’s needs promptly and completely, offering a wide range of services, including Telemedicine.