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The European Clinic Maldives is selecting medical professionals who lend their service in the Republic of Maldives. 


They are required both general professionals admitted to practice and medical specialists (orinolaryngologists, gynecologists, urologists, pediatricians, internists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, sonographers).


It's required a minimum availability 12 months and an IELTS score (general training) minimum  of 6 or Cambridge B2



Required documents:


- Examination Certificate IELTs (including general training) with a minimum of 6 scores counter or Cambridge B2

- Passport with a minimum remaining validity of 12 months;

- ID Card registration physician order of surgeons;

- Degree certificate exams (in Italian and English);

- Authorisation certificate (in Italian and English);

- Certificate of registration in the register of surgeons (in Italian and English);

- Good Standing issued by the medical membership surgeons (in Italian and English 2 months maximum old)



For candidates not in possession of evidence of specialization is required a certificate of attendance at a public health facility for at least one year after graduation (apprenticeship, internship, work)


For applicants with specialized qualification is required the Postgraduate Certificate (in Italian and English).


The selected candidates will be placed in order with registered as Maldivians doctors and permission to work in the Republic of Maldives.


Lodging, tickets to and from Italy inclused.

Excellent remuneration.


For all candidates, the first month of TRIAL will be paid only with room and board during thet time the doctor will be which the degree of his preparation and competence will be examined






To apply please send the document below and your cv to:



Download the Documents click here





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